Disaster Preparedness Survey

      The Hernando County Office of Emergency Management is in the process of updating its Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) to prepare for disasters and is seeking public input through a short online survey.

      The LMS is a plan to implement actions to reduce injuries and losses from disasters and ensure that the critical services and facilities of the County will continue to function after a disaster. Hernando County, like all other counties in Florida, faces the potential for floods, fires, hazardous materials incidents, power outages, infrastructure failure, transportation accidents or even terrorism. This survey has been developed for participants to share what their biggest concerns are regarding these potential disasters.

Visit https://www.hernandocounty.us/departments/departments-a-e/emergency-management/lms-hazard-survey to take the LMS Hazard Survey.

Contact the Hernando County Office of Emergency Management at (352) 754-4083 or visit www.HernandoCounty.us/EM for more information on the LMS or disaster preparedness.